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tantric therapy in london

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Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage is a kind of body worship, which is based on the principles of Tantra. Our tantric masseuses will give you simple relaxation exercises to do initially and then caress and stroke you with her curvaceous body and utterly soft skilful hands. You’ll be ever so thankful to be caressed by her beautiful female body, that you’ll be energized and enjoy immense pleasure along with getting excited.

The important feature of tantric massage london is ejaculation control. Your tantric goddess can teach you the art of delaying ejaculation. If ejaculation is prolonged, your pleasure level will keep going up and coming down and in the meanwhile all your sensual energies will be aroused and this will enable you to reach a state of complete bliss and pleasure.

If you’re able to stay for a longer time at the point of releasing orgasm and remain there for sometime, then you’ll be able to achieve eternal peace and extraordinary pleasure, which will leave you feeling ecstatic and totally in bliss

Benefits of Tantric Massage

  • A Stress Buster – Many of us in London and the UK suffer from stress and tension to varying degrees and tantric massage through the various relaxation techniques and improved flow of Chakra’s can help us regain that peace in our minds and helps to fight stress and keep it at bay.


  • Better performance for men – As an all over therapy tantra teachings will enable the person using it to perform much better in a sexual environment, to gain a much deeper understanding of their sexual self and can also allow you and your partner to understand each other far better when it comes to matters of sex.


  • Premature Ejaculation – It is hardly a secret that a high proportion of guys do have some issues with things like premature ejaculation. This can be a pretty embarrassing subject and in fact something that some guys just really don’t address at all and end up suffering in silence. Tantric massage gives an outlet to improve this and fix it once and for all for clients that really learn to embrace tantric principles as part of their lives.


  • Sexual Pleasure – Why not get the most out of your sex life? By learning and appreciating tantric massage you will take yourself to sexual places that you probably never thought was possible and this is because there is so much focus on making the experience a deep and meaningful that you can achieve much higher levels of satisfaction.


  • Sacred Space – Part of the whole tantric massage experience is reliant upon the space where the massage takes place. Tantric Pleasure is fully aware of how important his and our luxury, ambient and safe space is perfect for a sensual tantric body to body massage experience where clients can feel comfortable and at peace.


  • Sexy and Sensual Erotic Massage – We have different massage oils which we tailor for our clients and also various gels which are perfectly suited for that full body erotic and very sensual massage experience at our luxury tantric parlour or at your hotel suite. You will find the service unrushed and a complete sexy full body experience


  • Ejaculation Control with Tantric Pleasure – One of the key elements that we mentioned before is sexual performance. Your goddess will slowly and carefully guide you through the techniques that can benefit you with controlling urges and more importantly your ejaculation. The upshot of this is that you can are able to get a lot more pleasure from sexual experiences and you will last a lot longer with your partner, which is vitally important for anyone with their sex life!


  • A Sexy prostate Massage – This is the male g-spot in the body and a source of immense pleasure for guys when done correctly by any of the goddesses at Tantric Pleasure. Some guys haven’t even really heard about this therapy but can be great for prostate health and mainly just a very exhilarating experience according to our clients anyway!


What to expect from our tantric massage

  • Sacred space

Our studio is a relaxed, atmospheric, safe and sacred place where you will be able to explore the power of the tantric moment. Here you will find soft lights, warm colours and soothing aromas. It is a spiritual haven in this busy, fast-paced modern city.

  • Meditation

At the beginning and end of the session, your goddess will guide you, through meditation, to create very special moments of deep connection with yourself and with the divine.

  • Teaching of relaxation breathing

Your goddess will use breathing to teach you how to step out of your busy mind and be fully present in your own body, so merging your heart, feelings, sensations and emotions.

  • Sensual and erotic massage

Using beautiful, smooth, non-scented oil and performing a slow gentle and sensual all-over body massage, your chosen goddess will by her skills of subtle touch establish a close connection with you that is attuned to your responsive movements and feelings.

  • Ejaculation Control

While receiving erotic lingam (male genital) massage, you will learn special techniques for heightening and prolonging pleasure, so yielding increased power, vitality and longevity: this will be such a healing experience if you have been experiencing a problem of premature ejaculation.

  • Prostate Massage

The prostate is the male accessory sex gland, which both aids strong ejaculation and secretes fluid to protect sperm. Massaging it carefully can lead to great pleasure and even orgasm.


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