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japanese nuru massage in london

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Nuru Massage in London

Nuru Massage has its origins entrenched in traditional Japanese culture. This technique was born in the province of Kawasaki City, an industrial city within the Tokyo region. Similar to most of the products offered at Tantric Pleasure, it is a very intimate form of erotic massage, hence is performed with both the client and the masseuse in nude form. The word nuru translates from Japanese simply to 'slippery' or 'smooth' in English, a testament to the style that is encapsulated by the masseuse.

In comparison to other forms of massage, nuru massage is performed with a specific kind of seaweed, which unlike many well-known species is in the form of a gel. This gel-like substance is then rubbed onto the body of the client while they are naked and imitates a slippery sensation while our tantric masseuse will slide her body on yours’ which allows you to experience one of the most erotic forms of massages in the world.  With her body gliding along your own, you will be intoxicated not only by her touch, but by her curves, her scent and her warmth. The eroticism of having one of our sexy goddesses rubbing her body up and down your own can only be described as overwhelming intimate pleasure. Our goddesses are highly skilled and have achieved a high level of training in the industry so are more than qualified enough to perform such unique and intriguing massages on you.

They will take you to a whole new world of heavenly bliss and extreme calm. It is a well-researched fact that nuru massage works in a similar way to other services that we provide in store and on call, alleviating aches and pains while also bringing you to a new level of intense relaxation. Many clients find that this form of massage, despite its rarity and overall obscurity, is exactly what they need after a hard days work, or even every once in a while to relieve their aching bodies. It is definitely a form of massage that should be tried at least once in your lifetime and what better place to find it than with us at Tantric Pleasure? If you suffer from any form of insomnia, even from a mild sleeplessness, nuru massage could be the answer. On all accounts, our clients find that this form of massage really does help with any kind of condition associated with sleeplessness, regardless of the root of the problem. Why not take time out of your busy day in the bustling city and organise a nuru massage with our goddesses. To be absorbed completely by the touch of every inch of their bodies moving back and forth along your own. With their smooth and slippery gel coated flesh slides around yours on the massage table. There is no better feeling in the world that compares to a massage at Tantric Pleasure.

In comparison to other massages, the body to body contact that comes with nuru massage style gives a much more energetic vibe to the session, while also giving the client an overall feeling of relaxation at the conclusion of the session.

Needless to say another of the most intriguing parts of this gel is that it’s easy to wash it off the body of the person on whom it is applied, unlike other oils, which is a pain to remove after application. True to its origins, it is also an odourless and tasteless form of gel that will not subtract from the erotic massage taking place.

New Special Offer - Genuine Nuru Massage

If you are looking for true Japanese style Nuru massage we offer an amazing service with the best Nuru gel money can buy along with Nuru sheet. This amazing nuru service costs £160 for 60 mins in both our West London locations (Paddington and Bayswater), and also our City of London studios (Holborn and St. Pauls).

Book in for the Nuru Experience!

This is ultimately the most sensuous body to body experience and hence the London nuru massage is one of the most popular forms of massage.  It couples well with any of the other massage products that we offer with the same beautiful masseuses. From the basic erotic massage to more unique massages, such as prostate and body to body massage, we have whatever you want to suit each clients personal needs. The great massaging techniques used by our exotic masseuses are so exquisite that undoubtedly it will provide relief from your aching muscles and remove all your other aches and pains. But along with that it’ll also give you a great sense of relaxation and sensual pleasure.

Join us for sexy nuru massage in London from Monday through to Saturday with our experienced and highly trained staff. We give the same extensive training in regard to each of our sexy products so you can be sure that when you come to Tantric Pleasure you will get the most professional and exquisite massage in London.


Benefits of Nuru Massage


  • Increased Relaxation

This really is a great form of massage therapy for people looking to relax as it really can be quite an energetic form of massage through lots of slipping and sliding!

  • Alleviates Muscle Aches and Pains

Through the quite vigorous style of massage with Nuru gel this form of massage can be very good to really work the muscle tissue well which in turn can help with some muscle aches and pains in the body

  • Promotes Good Sleep

Most of our clients will say that after a good Nuru massage session in London that it really can also work wonders for a relaxed sleep!


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