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a scintillating erotic massage in london awaits you with tantric pleasure

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One of the many services offered at Tantric Pleasure is erotic massage in London. It is one of the most common services that can be found at similar venues, but we guarantee that you will not find the same quality of erotic massage anywhere else. This can basically be described as a form of massage that leads to a sexual form of arousal. If this concept intrigues you, then we highly recommend booking one of the Tantric Pleasure masseuses for your pleasure. We have a number of girls who are dying to please you in any way possible. All of our goddesses working at Tantric Pleasure are not only fully trained but also very much enjoy their work as erotic masseuses in the privacy of our very comfortable and luxurious apartment in Paddington, Central London.

For those prospective clients that have heard a lot about this type of massage therapy but have never yet tried an erotic massage, it really can be a very pleasurable experience. It may seem different or unusual, but it has been practiced for centuries and has lived on into the modern age. If you would rather have this massage performed in the comfort of your own home or hotel then this is also something that can be performed as an outcall service as well. Equally, this may also suit people that are simply too busy to come down to see us at our erotic massage parlour and all of our goddesses are available for outcall services. Outcall services are not limited to erotic massage alone, why not try a variety of our fabulous products while one of our beautiful girls is at your service.

setting the scene for the erotic massage therapy with Tantric PleasureDespite the obvious benefits, sexual arousal, there are many more underlying benefits that you may not be aware of. You will find that after your massage you will be much more relaxed. Our regular clients inform us that following their erotic massage with our lovely ladies, they find themselves at another level of relaxation that they rarely experience as a result of any other technique. If you are living a stressful lifestyle, a hard day at work or family getting you down, then this could be the solution you have been waiting for! We can make your troubles just melt away.

Another unexpected benefit you may also find intriguing is that we have had reports that a sensual erotic massage can assist with persistent aches and pains in throughout the body.Can't get rid of that back ache? Come and see us, or invite one of our girls to you, and the gentle strokes of an erotic massage will make everything right. Just imagine waking up, pain free the morning after. Most men live in agony without knowing that all they may need is this treatment in order to alleviate the pain for at least the immediate future. If this sounds like you, perhaps you should give us a call and we can organise a session with the perfect woman for your needs.

It is not commonly known that erotic massage can also assist with a good nights sleep! We are hearing time and time again that people who had struggled to sleep through the night previously seem to have a much more undisturbed slumber after receiving an erotic massage from our talented masseuses. This goes hand in hand with the increased relaxation that clients experience after a session with one of our Tantric Pleasure goddesses. This is not the only form of massage we offer that is thought to benefit people suffering from insomnia. Prostate massage has also been reported to assist with a good nights sleep! If you find it difficult to get your full eight hours rest of a night, why not try a combination of therapies that we offer? We guarantee you will awake well rested and rejuvenated after just one session with the help of our beautiful staff.


When you arrive at our erotic massage parlour in central London you will be greeted by your goddess, who will always be dressed very provocatively and will always give you a very warm welcome! From here you will be taken into the room where the erotic massage takes place which is always very well presented with a real sensual aura featuring some very dim lighting and some soft music playing in the background. There is no better place than our private rooms to receive the amazing services that we can provide for you. From here you will enjoy one of the most amazing sensual massage experiences you can imagine from one of our sexy masseuses and you will almost certainly booking in your next massage very soon afterwards!

For those clients that maybe a bit shy about meeting one of our ladies then please don’t be as our experienced masseuses will make you feel at ease straight away. We only hire women with the most experience and suitable personalities to conduct the services that we offer. To book yourself in for a authentic erotic massage London then please call us today on on 07722 660 230 or alternatively you can email us on By visiting our website, you can also send us an online form with your booking request or query.

You might also be interested in our lingam massage service in London or to book a sensual prostate massage in London? Just some of of the other sexy massage choices we have on offer at Tantric Pleasure in London.


  • Increased Relaxation

It has been reported by many clients now that a regular erotic massage is an effective tool to combat stress and tension

  • Alleviates Muscle Aches and Pains

Our ladies use sensual and delicate strokes but are also professional masseuses and so you can say goodbye to all your aches and pains

  • Promotes Good Sleep

A good erotic massage with us will leave you refreshed, relaxed and ready for a very good night sleep!

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