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Tips for giving an erotic massage

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A decent erotic massage is no less than an orgasm. Though it is not an orgasm and the intention is never to have an orgasm. But if you don’t feel at the edge, you didn’t get a good erotic massage.

If you are planning to give an erotic massage to your partner or if you are interested in becoming a skilled masseuse, the following tips for giving an erotic massage will help you a lot.

It doesn’t matter whether you are interested in giving it to a man or a woman or whether you are a man or a woman, these tips work for everyone.

Set the mood

Half or more than half of any massage is about setting the mood. Ever wondered why massage parlours have dim lights, music, fragrances, and an atmosphere that attracts you to become a part of it?

It is all about setting the mood.

That’s where you should start. Whether you are in a parlour, spa, or in your couch, setting the mood is a game-changer.

Here are a few tips to setting the mood for an erotic massage.

  • Turn off the lights.
  • Play soothing and romantic music. Not too loud. Instrumentals work best.
  • Use candles for light instead of lightbulbs.
  • Use vanilla scent as it is supposed to be the sexiest scent.

Use massage oils

Massage especially erotic is incomplete without oils. Use of right lubricants at the right body parts is necessary. Coconut oil should be your preference as it works best, according to science. It smells great and it is natural.

When you start rubbing oil, this creates a perfect starting point for massage.


Erotic massage is mostly about foreplay. Both men as well as women love foreplay.

Touching throughout the body and gently massaging over and over again is what’s required. If you are massaging a man, his chest, penis, and rectum are organs where you should massage gently over and over again.

If you are massaging a woman, her breast, neck, nipples, and vagina are the parts to be massaged gently.

Massage right body parts

This is a crucial part of erotic massage. You don’t just have to massage entire body. Of course, you have to but once things start to heat up, you have to restrict yourself to a few body parts that are supposed to be the right ones.

Don’t focus on orgasm

The purpose of an erotic massage isn’t always orgasm. It depends though. If you are in a parlour, you have to see communicate it upfront with your client. If you are a couple, orgasm is a must.

In any case, you don’t have to rush to it.

Take your time. Enjoy every moment.

If you will move quickly to the orgasm, you’d miss the whole point of having an erotic massage. The more you wait, the better it is.

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