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tantric pleasure massage prices in london

Sessions & Donations

We warmly welcome you all to our temple of tantric love with a caring and sensual embrace.

What makes us different to many other agencies is that we really do make a bespoke session for clients to suit their own needs, although generally there will be a common theme

  • All our massage sessions will basically include
  • Sensual Lingam Massage Therapy
  • Guidance and advice on Ejaculation Control with breathing techniques
  • The G-spot or sacred spot massage – the prostate massage
  • Help with pelvic control and squeezes
  • Pelvic Rocking
  • Prompting to be vocal with Pleasure
  • Sensual eye gazing with the goddess to aid with sensual intimacy with the client

Our Promises to You

Although our goddesses do not offer penetrative sex, you will experience a deep connection with your chosen goddess (or goddesses) that many have found to be more satisfying than "ordinary" sex.

All our tantric goddesses are trained and experienced practitioners who are sensitive to the needs of their clients. You will enjoy an enriching time of profound sensuality in a secure and caring atmosphere. It will be a moving and healing experience that will impact you as an individual as well as offering you valuable insights into what is possible with a lover.

From booking all the way through to your final session and afterwards we will keep your confidentiality and be mindful of your security and safety.

Our Services

60-minute Session – £120

This is the foundation for all sessions. Your goddess will first guide you through meditation to connect with your deep heart and then—by a sensual, erotic full-body massage—draw you into mystic moments of intense pleasure and relaxation, connecting you with her beautiful feminine body and energy. Tantric lingam and prostate massage and breathing control techniques will give you heightened and prolonged pleasure, leading to whole-body orgasm.

90-minute Session – £180

This session includes a bath ceremony. The goddess will lead you to a warm bath of full of rose petals and guide you in meditation and breathing work. Dive deep and allow yourself to enter altered states of consciousness. You will spend half of the session building up your sexual energy to achieve expansive whole-body orgasms, leaving you with a grounded and enduring sense of peace and calm.

120-minute Session – £240

This session is specially designed for the client who has some tantric experience and is looking for a greater depth of devotion between himself (Shiva) and the goddess (Shakti).
The session will include:

  • tantric dancing;
  • tantric tea ceremony;
  • establishment of a breathing connection between Shiva and Shakti;
  • chakra balancing

The aim is to experience a "tantric waving": a surging of bliss that involves expanding and extending sexual pleasure into an altered state of consciousness and awareness, using breathing and visualization techniques.

60 minutes 4 hands – £220, 90mins 4hands -£300

This is a devotional ritual in honour of two goddesses and you; a spiritual time expressed with breath and touch between three people. The intimate stroking and caress of four hands will lead you into a place where your dreams are realised.

Our Unique Double Goddesses Yoni Ritual Session – £330

This session requires pre-booking and is a 90-minute session. After your warm shower, you will sit facing your two goddesses and share wine with them. Before body contact begins, you will be guided into deep, relaxed breathing. You will then make connection with your goddesses by hugging, holding, eye gazing or whatever brings you to a place of safety and relaxation. Then one of your goddesses will lie on the floor to receive your yoni worship, in which you can use feathers, flowers or your warm breath. "Yoni" is the Sanskrit word for the vagina and can be translated as "divine passage", "sacred space" or " sacred temple." In Tantra, the yoni is seen from a perspective of love and respect. After the beautiful connection is made, your goddesses will start to worship you, their Shiva.

Unique Tantric Journey for Couples

£270 for 60 minutes – £380 for 90 minutes

This session requires pre-booking and is with two goddesses. We provide an opportunity for playfulness, changing the atmosphere and energy between you and your partner and creating a special time for the two of you to enjoy together. The journey starts with tantric meditation and opening your heart to your partner's. Then your goddesses will give you and your partner sensual erotic massage and full body worship, pleasuring you and your partner's "sacred spots" and helping you both to become more deeply connected to each other.

Special note: This unique tantric journey is created for the needs of each individual. It can be adapted to give more focus to sexual healing or to the spiritual connection between you and your partner, or be simply a time of playful exploration. Before you book a session please call us to discuss the details and let us know your aims and preferences.

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