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Our Genuine Tantric Massage Session Donation:

60 minutes session is 120 pounds;

90 minutes session is 180 pounds;

120 minutes session is 240 pounds.

This includes tantra full body worship (on the floor mattress), body to body massage, sensual and erotic teasing, prostate massage, lingam massage and guidance to ejaculation control by using tantric breathing techniques.

In addition to above we provide Yoni Ritual Session too at an extra cost of 40pounds , no matter how long the session you choose.

Our 4hands session is 200 pounds for 60 minutes, 300 pounds for 90 minutes.

In regards to the outcall services, we only be able to provide within central London area. The donation is 80 pounds extra cost than incall session (no matter how long the session you decide). That is 200 pounds for 60minutes, 260 pounds for 90minutes, 320 pounds for 2 hour session.

There is NO hidden extra cost and We do NOT provide any extra sexual services.

What is Tantra?

The word tantra has its origins from a Sanskrit work and the main meaning of the word is related to awareness and expansion on the mind and has its main origins from Eastern philosophies. These eastern methodologies deal with the spiritual and sexual aspect as a way for the person to achieve a true enlightenment and a higher level of sexual expression. We can date the foundings of Tantra right the way back to about 5000BC and combines the famous God Shiva with his companion Shakti. The combination of the Hindu god and his goddess produces this pure energy. Tantra also relies on the principles of Chakras which are thought of as energy stores within the body aligned along the spine area. By releasing and changing the flow of the Chakra’s we can help to achieve peace and calm in body, mind and spirit.

Modern Tantra in Paddington

The people living in the modern era have a lot of desires, which they want to fulfill. Only earning money will take you nowhere, instead it ends up giving you only tension and stress. So to free oneself of this stress and tension, you need to get a tantric massage done. Modern tantra is all about finding the right balance in life, which is very much required to get proper sleep, have a calm mind to do work, free oneself of various illnesses, majority of which crops up due to incessant stress and pressure. Poor sexual performance is also a result of stress, of course not always. It also revolves round the principle that tantra enables the person to feel the balance appropriately and be in that state always. Tantra also believes that the body should be brought into a relaxed state before engaging oneself in any form of sexual activity.

The benefits of tantric massage are innumerable like: you’ll start getting good sleep, your sexual activity will be enhanced and you’ll start enjoying it once again, in which you had lost interest of late due to age or various other reasons like children without much difference or due to other reasons and also you’ll experience a deep sense of relaxation. Once you experience tantra, sexual activity becomes an easy process, the intimacy and trust between the two partners is enhanced and more mutual pleasure is derived from the entire exercise.

Tantra is basically more than attaining sexual pleasure; it’s a way of life, in which you learn to expand your vision and accept everything that is happening in your life with a composed outlook and with full of gratitude. As a result of this, you’ll see everything positively and hence will ensure that you wave a loving and beautiful energy into the world and ensure to make all others around you happy. It enables you to be aware of your own self and also the problems faced by others’.

Adult Massage Options

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