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sensual massage in london

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Sensual Massage

If you’re looking for ways to de-stress and overcome your difficulties in intimacy and connection, booking a sensual massage with us could be your best option. You may feel as if you have tried everything, but sensual massage has been proven through our numerous returning clients to be something that really makes a difference. Sensual massages are effective in problematic areas such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, confidence building and de-stressing.

We often underestimate the importance our sense of touch plays in our sexuality. We find here at Tantric Pleasure that our sensual massage fills that void that is often overlooked on a daily basis by many of our first time clients. Sensual massage will give you an experience that is both beautiful and therapeutic. It has been used as a way of relieving tension and fatigue, emotional problems and some health issues for many centuries. Its origins can be traced back 2000 years or more to Eastern cultures such as ancient China and India where sensual massage was thought to begin from.

Through many years of utilisation we have honed the way of sensual massage down to a fine art and our goddesses here at Tantric Pleasure have a high level of training that is up to date with all the latest information that we have, which we find is ever changing as more research is being conducted in this area. The massage techniques awaken your senses, allowing you to enjoy your sexual consciousness that you have never known before.

To bring more relaxation and to make your body more alive, we also use breathing exercises during the session. In the peaceful and invigorating space listen intently to our staff as they instruct you on how to make the most of your breathing while allowing them to caress every inch of your body during the sensual massage. This will help you to feel deeply the experience and give you the ability to prolong the feeling of bliss. A feeling that will have you begging for the session not to end. When it does we are almost certain you will be scrambling to book your next!

Sensual massage also includes in the end a massage of your intimate area, which consists of soft, gentle and therapeutic strokes on the whole genitals. The quality of the touch is very honoring, and can build pleasure, introduce new sensations and allow the energy to spread to the whole body.

This is a style of massage that can be extended to your home life, something that can be shared between you and your partner to increase the desire in your love life. From what you learn with our massage therapists, you can use these techniques on your significant other and see where it takes you. Or, better yet, book in for a couples massage where we show both you and your partner the techniques you can use to liven up your bedroom experiences. There is no limit to what you can do when introducing sensual and erotic massage to your own home.

You’ll be pleased to meet our massage therapists who are attractive, fun, charming and sensitive to your needs. They are experienced and have received  extensive training in al forms of massaging. The techniques they apply are a combination of the Eastern and Western massage performances. They will care for your body through their gentle and caring touch that will make deep relaxation and healing to happen naturally.

Perhaps after one session with our beautiful and endearing staff you will want to try something different, or you would like to book another session of sensual massage. Either way, we offer a range of different massage techniques that will suit your needs, focusing on various aspects of your body. You may want to try any number of our available products, which are all able to be made as incall massages at our parlour in London, or outcall to certain locations in the London area. This means that you may choose either the comfort of our relaxing atmosphere created in our parlour, or the familiarity of your own home or hotel room. The choice is entirely yours! That is the beauty of our flexibility.

Call us and arrange an appointment for a session of sensual massage London now. This is our powerful tool to provide you with personal growth. The massage will work out specific issues that include spiritual, emotional, physical and improve your real life sexual experience. So, do not waste time and dial our numbers. We will be happy to hear from you!


  • Sexual Pleasure

This form of massage really can help with achieving much more pleasure and stronger orgasms

  • Relaxation

A regular sensual massage can be beneficial to those looking to take time out and relax

  • Sexual issues

It has been noted that sensual massage is beneficial in assisting those who suffer from sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

  • Confidence

Regular sensual massage with our beautiful staff can be helpful in boosting a lagging sense of confidence in our clients

  • Promotes Good Sleep

Most clients report much improved sleep patterns after regular sensual massage therapy


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