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The Art Of Erotic Massage

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the art of erotic massage

The Art Of Erotic Massage

Erotic massage, referred to under many different names, is a technique that has been used worldwide for many generations. While typically the term ‘erotic’ refers to genital massage in both men and women, it can also mean any time of stimulating massage that creates a sensual feeling in the receiver. Sensual massage or erotic massage can be performed by amateurs (husband/wife) or professionals, though the practice is generally considered illegal in the U.S if referring to a paid service, it is legal and very popular in many other countries, including (but not limited to): Japan, Thailand, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Romania and the Netherlands.

Professional/Commercialized Erotic Massage

As stated in the introduction above, there are many countries throughout the world in which sensual erotic massage is a very popular method of treatment for a variety of non-life threatening ailments. These types of massages can be performed at home by a licensed professional, or at a massage parlor. This is where the term ‘happy ending’, when relating to massage, came from. Providers of the service can do anything from light massage on various body parts to integrate physical/spiritual and sexual energies, to specifically trying to induce orgasm through genital massage ( such as lingam massage therapy and hand jobs, etc.) Some london massage parlours offer a striptease by the provider and allow the customer to stimulate his or herself into orgasm.

Erotic Massage in Medicine

erotic massage in londonIn the Western World and their traditions, erotic massage was typically used to cure ‘female hysteria’, and either performed by a doctor or midwife. Female sensual massage usually consists of the provider focusing on the female genitalia and/or the breasts. The purpose of this massage when used as a treatment of hysteria was to bring the female to orgasm, also then known as ‘hysterical paroxysm’. Sometimes the doctor or midwifes would ask the woman’s husband to assist with ‘treatment’. For males, erotic massage is used as a treatment of erectile dysfunction. Though these types of treatments can make a provider a lot of money since they are continual treatments, they are also time consuming and can take hours to achieve results in a single session depending upon the person and the nature of the issue.

Do-It-Yourself Erotic Massage

Today, in all areas of the world, it is now possible for men and women to practice erotic and sensual adult massage without the help of a professional provider. This is made possible through the invention of ‘personal massage devices’ – more commonly known as vibrators. Vibrators and other types of personal massagers are available to men and women and come in a variety of shapes, speeds, colors and settings. Some professionals if visited once may help explain the best type of device for the individual depending on what their needs and wants may be.

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