what is japanese nuru massage

What Is The Nuru Massage And How Is It Done?

In the world of massage and sensuality, there is nothing that comes close to the Nuru Massage. In Japan, the word “nuru” means slippery. It derives from special seaweed that is very slippery. This seaweed has properties that make it perfect for a sensual full body to body massage. Nuru is made into a gel that is odorless, tasteless and extremely slippery and wet.

The Nuru massage can be done by a professional masseuse and is a strictly sensual adult massage. However, most adults want to experience the Nuru Massage as a couple. Done well, this massage can take people to a place of sensuality rarely reached. Though a masseuse may teach the techniques to provide the deepest of sexual experiences; ultimately the goal is to take sexuality to a higher level for couples to experience together.

The Nuru Massage is best done on a Nuru mattress. If one is not available, a vinyl mattress that provides comfort while being a material that will not stain from the gel is fine. There is also a Nuru sheet which is very popular. It is safe from the Nuru gel and it feels good to the skin without sticking.

Setting the scene for a Nuru Massage

The room in which the massage takes place should have a relaxing and sensual atmosphere. Dim lighting, soft music and candle light are good mood setters. The Nuru massage is done wet. There should be a bowl of warm water next to the Nuru mattress in which to work the gel until it is warm, wet and the right consistency. Both the person getting the erotic massage therapy and the massage will be carried out as a naked or nude massage. Every part of the body to receive the massage will be massaged and every part of the body of the masseuse will be utilized to perform the massage. Generally the couple will soak in a hot tub or take a hot shower together before beginning. The room should be adequately heated as they will leave the shower steamy and wet and proceed to the mattress without drying.

Commonly the male is the receiver of the massage as the smaller framed female will position herself sitting on his upper thighs with his body face down. She will warm the gel in the water and begin at his neck working the warm wet gel in circular motions. She will work her way down to his chest, arms and stomach. She will apply ample gel to the buttocks and then slide up so that she is sitting on his buttocks with legs open and resting on either side of his hips. Now reaching behind her, she will massage the gel into his thigh area.

How she proceeds is now up to the couple. The purpose of the Nuru massage is to experience a higher level of sexuality. As she maneuvers her body on his, (and then as he takes her place and performs her massage); communication is critical. The Sensual Nuru Massage is part of the process of maturing the sensuality of a couple.

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