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A Guide to Tantric Massage

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a guide to tantric massage

The basic translation of ‘tantra’ which is a Sanskrit word means ‘woven together’. We can trace back the art of tantra back several thousand years and it was first conceived in the Himalayan mountains. The concept originally was that the sexual union of a male and female brings about a much higher sexual liberation and pleasure. On can choose between different types of tantric, such as tantric yoga, tantric massage and of course tantric sex between partners. Things that can be learned within tantra can be very useful such as spiritual clarity, psychological healing, rejuvenation in body the mind and body, and increased strength in the immune system, lesser feelings of anxiety, learning to control ejaculatory urges, better intimacy between partners and a general increased awareness

guide to tantraTantra practitioners make use of tantric yoga which is basically a practice which helps to expand the awareness and connection between couples thus creating a deeper spiritual bonding. Contrary to popular opinion, tantra is not just about uninhibited sexuality, even though sexuality is a prime aspect of tantra. Tantric Yoga has a very scientific approach which draws on various branches of sciences like astronomy, astrology, physics, chemistry, Ayurveda, psychology, mathematics etc. The prime objective of this form of yoga is to expand the level of awareness in all the states of consciousness. Tantric Yoga helps to refine our feelings and thought process and thus enables us to create peace, order and harmony within our own selves. Practitioners of this form of yoga believe that one doesn’t really need to overly exert themselves to achieve orgasm and rather it is something that can happen sitting down with one’s eyes closed!

Many of us confuses the term ‘Tantric massage’ with that of an ‘erotic massage’ or a ‘happy ending’ one, while the regular erotic massage you will get in a spa will focus on relaxation, a tantric massage encompasses both the elements of relaxation and stimulation. Since this sort of massage primarily works with energy, one can even get an orgasm out of this massage without having their intimate parts touched. It is said that one can even attain full body orgasmic experience and still be fully clothed!

In the present day masseuses specializing in Tantric massage of course draw on the teaching of ancient Tantra and then will interpret them in their own way to give this complete sexy experience. A typical London tantric massage will go a step further to incorporate breathing exercises and also gentle stimulation through sexy strokes. Couples that really seek out a deeper intimacy in their relationship and a more pleasurable sexual and sexy time with their partner should ideally go for this kind of massage.

Let us now take a look at some of the benefits which tantric massage has to offer:

  • Better Health: To begin with let’s start with all the health benefits most people don’t realize that can be achieved with a tantric massage session. You can get relief from stress, depression, anxiety, tension, help with sexual issues and general overall health
  • Relief from stress: In the 21st century stress has become one of the biggest issues to cause us health problems with some saying that it is responsible for more than 90% of chronic health issues. Tantric massage can completely clear you mind and give you complete clarity over your thoughts allowing you to re-focus and gain more perspective, thus leading to a decrease in stress issues in your life
  • Sex Education: The most effective way to learn about yourself sexually is through tantra and tantric massage according to many people that use it. This very sensual massage allows you to explore your sexual side in a safe and controlled environment and without the help of any medicine to aid you, which can be much more fulfilling for those taking part in tantric practices. You will also get a much better understanding of your partner through embracing this philosophy
  • Premature Ejaculation: Again this is something that some might argue can be attributed to life in the 21st People are leading very much goal specific lives. By learning to control yourself and to get clarity you then can learn to control your sexual urges and become the complete master of your mind. This will facilitate better understanding of your own self and help you to perform like an Adonis in the bedroom!
  • Improved breathing: Breathing techniques are a crucial part of tantric and tantra. They can really have a very positive influence on mind, body and soul. You can have a much more satisfying sexual experience by following the breathing techniques that you tantric practitioner teaches you and you can also learn to control and also alleviate completely issues like anxiety and stress when followed the correct way
  • Orgasms for older guys: As the biological clock gets to old age, certain hormones start to reduce in quantity and this can affect the feeling of orgasm greatly for some people. Tantric massage can help to produce this hormone in guys and can also help them to achieve a much stronger erection
  • Women Pleasure: Women can also really learn many things from tantric practices too and is a very good way to explore themselves more sexually. Thorugh tantra they can get much stronger orgasms and as mentioned earlier can even learning to have an orgasm whilst fully clothed. Another advantage is that a guy that is able to perform better in the bed makes for a much more satisfying relationship

In summary we feel that tantric massage and tantra philosophy can have a fantastic effect on people that use it and we always encourage our clients to embrace it as much as they can. Through really being a dedicated student of tantra it really can open a world of possibilities and can also help to really get so much more out of your sex life and that of you and your partner!

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