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How to Give a Tantric Massage

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how to give a tantric massage

Tantric massage and new sexual discoveries

Often our sexual problems are associated not only with physical disabilities. A common reason is from stiffness, which many times can originate in the stress. It is difficult to relax and enjoy time with a partner. However, this problem does have a fantastic holistic solution…..tantric massage!

Concepts of tantric massage

Tantric massage is an energetic interaction between two people, which is accepted to use the energy of human body for recovery and development of the body and mind.

One of the most important sources of energy transfer is touching, through which energy is transmitted from person to person.

Tantra massage is a practice involving a couple. This type of massage will not only secure and strengthen a sexual relationship with your partner but also helps ward off a variety of emotional issues too!

Sensitive technique of tantric massage

In practice, you need to maintain complete concentration on the process of mutual exchange of partners’ energy. That is why a masseuse and a person receiving the massage should be completely relaxed from the outset.

In this calm state, the mind is free and a person feels completely in tune with body and mind

The tantric massage technique has a focus on breathing, sliding, pressing, kneading, stroking the soft tissues of the body, which can be accompanied by gentle kisses.

The intimate atmosphere

Firstly, pay attention to space for massage. Superfluous stuff, papers or TV can interfere both to concentrate on the sensations, so these items should be excluded and things like candles and incense help create a special atmosphere for yourself and your partner.

b2b massage in notting hill gateNevertheless, you need to be careful with the use of candles, as it is a fire hazard. Dim lights can replace candles. As for the incense, the smell of cedar wood and sandalwood will be pleasant for both man and woman.

Sensual Massage Oils

To improve the strength of touch tantric massage encourages the use of oils. The smell of oil should be combined with the smell of incense. Moreover, each smell of oil helps to better disclose massage effect. Thus, rose oil is often used to create a romantic atmosphere, cardamom oil increases the intimacy of the moment. In turn, the jasmine oil is the best aphrodisiac.

The power of touch

The main feature of tantric massage is delicate touch. All touch must be very slow and intense. Closed eyes will help you to completely surrender to the touch, while the breath is smooth and synchronized for full unity.

In addition, a masseuse must listen to the partner and always avoid any painful sensations. If your partner feels any pain or discomfort, massage should be stopped immediately.

Nevertheless, the practice of tantric massage is prohibited in diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, and cardiovascular diseases.

As a rule, tantric massage begins to do with the back, gradually moving on the gentle massage of arms and hands. The further attention of the masseuse goes to the sacrum, where is a lot of unrealized sexual energy. Follow to massage of the buttocks, legs, and feet to the fingertips.

The circular massage will help your partner relax completely, then you can pay attention to the stimulation of erogenous zones and genitals.

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