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The Effects of Stress on Sex Drive

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the effects of stress on sex drive

Whether you are worried about work or financial problems, stress can be often be the root cause of libido problems. Trying to deal with too many things at once can have a real impact on one’s sex life, which in turn can cause relationship problems.

Your Nervous Systems

The body is comprised of two nervous systems – the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. We think of the sympathetic nervous system as an accelerator and the parasympathetic nervous system as the braking mechanism.

Your body reacts to stressful situations with a flight or fight response – whether you decide to run away or stand and fight. This will cause an elevated heart rate, blood pressure and an increased rate of breathing, and those non-essential functions such as your libido will be dramatically reduced.

Once you have got through the stressful experience or situation, your parasympathetic system kicks in, enabling you to relax.

The problem with constant stress over a long period of time is that the accelerator is going constantly, and we never give the brakes a chance to calm things down. This means that we find it very hard to take time out and to pay attention to our sex life for example.

Hormonal Changes

When your sympathetic nervous system has been working overtime for long periods, your body will naturally produce a lot of cortisol – the stress hormone. If this persists over a long time, it can also lead to other sexual problems such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, and so keeping stress in check is very important.

Lifestyle Choices

In periods of stress, its all too easy to develop some unhealthy lifestyle changes. This might be increased alcohol intake, smoking or even eating too much. Developing bad habits like this can also have a detrimental effect on one’s sex drive.

Using Tantric Massage to Combat Stress

We believe that tantric massage offers the complete holistic approach to beating stress and making it a thing of the past. Our tantric massage sessions can offer both tantric meditation and tantric breathing techniques, which have been shown to work very well for clients that need to regain their focus and learn to switch off from their day-to-day routine.

In addition to this, the process of tantric massage is energizing, exciting, and relaxing at the same time. Our trained massage therapists know all the tricks of the trade to ensure that our clients leave completely satisfied and happy with their sensual and erotic massage.

Regular sessions of tantric massage and tantra therapy can offer the perfect way for clients to relax and to regain focus. Learning to relax helps to break the cycle of stress, and for many clients that use our services, embracing Tantra has been a welcome distraction from the stressful lives that many of us lead in today’s fast paced world.

To find out some more on the benefits of tantric massage call the Sophie today on 07722 660 230.

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