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The wonders of body slide or slippery nuru massage

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the wonders of a slippery nuru massage

Enjoy a  Nuru Massage with our Goddesses

Nuru massage can be known by the term nuru or body slide massage and is a massage first conceived in Japan in South East Asia. It is presently one of tantric pleasure’s most celebrated forms of massage that have on the menu and we do get many recommendations for our professional nuru massage service.

This is a body to body massage like no other! The masseuse will of course be nude during the therapy but will use the special nuru gel for the process. It really does require both parties to be nude to give an effective treatment as the masseuse really does need to glide across the body in different motions to give the full body massage

nuru mattressIn Japanese nuru literally means slippery, just to give an idea of how great this gel is for massage. Not only does this wonderful gel make a great lubricant for massage therapy as your goddess’ body and yours entwine during the course of the therapy, but you will find it can wash off in seconds. No more vigorous scrubbing where you always seem to get some residue left over like with the common massage oils, Nuru gel will was off in seconds!

As well as being completely odorless too it is also said that it can work wonders for the skin too, helping to keep it soft and supple which is an added bonus! As well as getting some relieve from pain and discomfort our goddesses know all the right strokes and motions when using this Japanese art form so you are always guaranteed not only a genuine slippery nuru massage, but also a very sensual and erotic massage treatment!

Any of our clients that try nuru with us, just keep coming back so to enjoy this sensual massage therapy with us just give us a call

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