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Join us for a couples massage in London

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join us for a couples massage in london

Tantric Pleasure currently offer some of the most erotic massage services in London and are specialist tantra massage providers. You will find that all the goddesses at our luxury West London massage parlour possess years of experience as tantric therapists, with exceptional levels of training, and can help you with everything from a straight forward tantric massage, to Japanese Nuru or can educate and train couples with our special couples tantric massage service.

We always try to be very flexible with all the services that we offer and this also applies to our couples tantric massage service. This means that you choose to take this service with in Paddington for incall massage or you can equally choose our outcall couples massage at a London hotel or at your own residential address in London. For some of our business clients and regulars we can also offer Gatwick and Heathrow as added locations for outcall massage too!

The couples massage is one that can be invaluable to partners trying to add some spice to their sex life and our therapists are willing to show you how to massage your partner and as a result how to enjoy tantric sessions together. This will generally promote bonding between partners, add some more spice to a relationship and help couples with communication and overall helps couples understand each other on a deeper level than they may have before they start the couples massage therapy with us.

Generally, a couples massage is shared between romantic partners, a treat for you and your partner to share. Here at Tantric Pleasure, this involves the massage therapist of your choice also educating you on what a tantric couples massage is and how to perform this with your partner in the comfort of your own home or preferred location. Our previous clients keep coming back for more, there is no limit to what we can teach you and the art of tantric massage is ever changing as we discover new and different ways to please you.

This form of massage, apart from being educational, also allows time for you and your partner to have a massage in the same room, relaxing as you enjoy what we have to offer through couples massage. As you are in the same room, talking is of course allowed, but not recommended. We find that talking during the massage certainly takes away from the experience, and you do not get the full effect and benefits of couples tantric massage.

Learning more about couples massage and the benefits

Couples can learn all about how couples tantric massage can open a new door in your sexual relationship, exploring the sensual and erotic pleasures associated. You will get the full tantric pleasure experience from our staff who will put their heart and soul into your session. You will leave knowing more about this form of massage and each other than you entered with.

You will find that connection that our massage therapists here at Tantric Pleasure London experience on a regular basis with our own clients. Nothing can compare to the unique bond that they share when getting to know a client in this most intimate of ways. This is something that many couples never achieve because they are unaware of the different sort of connection that you can have when knowing your partner through the art of tantric massage. Not only will it effectively have a positive impact on your love life, but it will bring you closer together in general with your loved one. It is such a simple and amazingly enjoyable answer to your dwindling spark, why not give it a try? We can almost guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

couples massageEven if you are a bit hesitant at first, our lovely staff will help you to relax and feel at home with the skills they have to offer. We find that many couples joining us for the first time can be a bit reluctant to settle down once they meet our therapists but by the time their session is done they are already rearing to book their next. If there is one thing our staff are good at, it is being able to relax their clients with a range of techniques and their overall demeanour during a session. Despite how you may feel about booking for the first time, we know that you will be rushing to return once you have had the chance to experience couples tantric massage with our parlour.

The therapists that we have all understand that some of the clients that come to us will have little or no understanding of tantric therapy and so they are happy to guide you through from a position of no knowledge to being proficient in the art of tantra. This of course may take some time and it does depend on the level of knowledge that you have as to how many sessions that you might need. If you go to the session and donation section of our website you can get more information on the rates for this service in London that we currently charge.

We have many returning clients for this service and couples massage in London is definitely one of our speciality services. Many couples that use this service will say that getting into tantric therapy can be the key to a healthy relationship and so it is definitely something we would recommend for couples that are looking to add a bit of spice into things.


Should you have anymore questions about what a typical session includes and how it can help you please call us anytime to book a sensual couples massage in London by our incall and outcall massage goddesses at Tantric Pleasure!


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