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Our Luxury 4 Hands Massage service in London

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luxury 4 hands massage

Massage looks and feels great. Maybe you have ever wanted to go for a massage but didn’t know which you will reap the most benefits? Well, this article will leave you well informed. In the city of London, there are many types of massage offered but one, in particular, is tailored for maximum relaxation.

Four-hand massage involves two skilled therapists working on one client in a coordinated manner. Ever had a single therapist massage? Now imagine what two hands working in a synchronised manner will make you feel. All this is performed with pre-heated oil and under a serene environment, silent and well light with candles.

Four hand massage in London is done by two therapists who use the client’s body as a canvas moving their hands in a slow yet detailed manner varying in terms of pace and pressure. They mirror each other’s’ movement to bring about uniformity.

For instance, if one therapist is working on your left leg, the other is busy massaging the right leg. This goes on until all body parts are covered leaving your muscle relaxed and rejuvenated. To bring about the harmony, one therapist takes the lead while the other follow’s suit.

When done by a competent therapist, four hand massage is known to envelop the client with a new level of sensation. In fact, most clients came back for more in the future.

tantra massageFour hand massage originated from Ayurvedic tradition in India dating back 400 years ago. Ayurveda is a holistic approach which focuses on improving the client’s mental and physical health. During the massage, the body nervous system and the muscles are massaged eliminating the imbalance that is associated with stress, joint and muscle pains. In London, you can get the ancient massage in the most authentic manner.

If you have been experiencing deep tissue pain then you need a four hand massage. During the process, you will be in complete relaxation and rejuvenation. When asked most people acknowledge the positive impact of two hand massage but when it comes to four hand massage, they lack words to explain the euphoria. “To know it you got to experience it.”

The 4 Hands Double Pleasure Therapy

Four hands massage is like a double therapy. The results are better with the muscle tension gone, mental health restored, blood circulation improved, immune system improved, body awareness increased, skin healthier and energy rejuvenated. The massage is also known to treat high blood pressure, removing excess fluid and helping with the lack of sleep.

At first, your brain might compete in keeping track of the four hands movements but unknowingly, it gives up control to get this “piece of heaven” experience. This makes the massage perfect to those who have difficult times letting go on other types massage treatments.

Considering its level of sophistication and use of two therapists, four hand massage is generally more expensive compared to other types of massage. It’s also limited to certain spas in London. However, if you need a delightful, well-orchestrated and highly effective massage, four-hand massage is the way to go.

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