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What Is Body To Body Tantric Massage

Body to body massage is a full body massage during which every part of the body is touched by the massaging fingers. It is an extremely sensual form of massage which is offered here at Tantric Pleasure from our lovely staff along with a wide range of other erotic style massages for his or her pleasure. A body to body massage covers every part of the body, from head to toe. A lot of body massagers claim to offer perfect body massage, but in comparison to the service that we offer, most of them are inexperienced and their massage services are not the best. Once our clients experience our body to body tantric massage they will never go anywhere else for this service, and can be sure to leave wanting more.

Only a very few companies really give out-of-the-world massage and that is exactly what our clients can expect from our highly qualified ladies. When you get a body massage from an expert, such as ours, you will be tempted to come for it on a regular basis. There is nothing that compares to this amazing massage service that can be rarely found anywhere else. With some of the tips discussed below, you can also be a great erotic body massage therapist with a large number of clients. They will be begging for their next appointment undoubtedly.

A lot of body massagers think that massage begins and ends with the body being massaged. Little do they know, there is so much more that can be utilised in order to give quality services. So, they often pay less attention to the atmospheric conditions of the place where the massage is being done. This is where the massage begins, the sights, sounds and aromas that reach the client before the massage even begins completes their first impressions, and must be attended to diligently. A full body to body massage can’t be complete without a very tidy room in a serene ambience. This can be achieved in many ways which we will delve further into shortly. You could also spice it up with the right kind of music to soothe the mind and soul while the body is being massaged. A soft, soothing, voiceless music is the perfect way to begin putting your clients at ease as they prepare for this sensual massage.

The first step in giving a perfect body to body tantric massage is to set the room and the atmosphere. Imagine yourself coming into the room and your expectations of what you would want for this service. The room has to be clean, quiet and comfortable situated in a tranquil ambience. There should also be an attractive fragrance in the air with a very cool music being played. The scent could be achieved through gentle essential oils or even candles with soft fragrances, such as vanilla or a range of floral scents. Then there should be a comfortable bed or a real massage table on which your customer or partner will lie to be massaged. There is nothing better than receiving any form of massage in a comfortable setting with a soft but firm place to lay. Since your client or partner will be half naked to be massaged, it is necessary to keep the room warm, this can be attended to with the assistance of candles along with some form of heater, set at a cozy temperature. If the room s too hot or too cold it will be harder for them to relax and let themselves ease into your touch.


Setting the Scene for Body to Body Massage

Secondly, you can either make the light low or turn it off completely and use candle lights. This makes for better massaging atmosphere. Use of massage oil is very important too. It reduces the friction between your hands and the body of your clients. One with a welcoming scent is advised, an aroma that compliments the other scents on the room. Massage oils allow your hands to glide easily all over the body of your clients or partner. Suffice to say the use of massage oil or lotions reduces the chances of mistakenly pinching or pulling your client’s body, which would undoubtedly take away from the body to body massage you are giving.

During the body to body sensual massage, it is highly advisable to start with the feet one at a time. Working your way from the bottom to the top of your client all the way to the top of the head. You should start massaging from the sole of the feet. Special attention has to be paid to the arch of each foot, then the heel and ball of the foot. Be sure not to press too firmly, but ensure a firm touch in this area as the feet are not as sensitive as some other parts of the body you will be working with. You should also massage every toe one after the other before moving to the second foot. The little challenge with massaging the feet is that some people don’t like it because they get tickled. So, watch out for such signs, if your client is fidgeting and squirming as you progress perhaps try to press more firmly, as their body is indicating that you may not be giving the right impression for this service.

After that, you can massage all other parts of the body, up their calves, thighs, back and shoulders, and end with the head. The most important part of massaging is communication and vigilance. As you massage, you need to keep watching the reaction of your client. Pay attention to their movements and twitches as you progress. Whenever you embark on a new area of the body for massaging, you will watch his or her reaction to know if approves of it or not. This is all down to your ability to read body language, you will know if what you are doing is right or whether you need to change your approach. Once you get the signal, you can act accordingly. Each client will react differently than the last, so keep this in mind as you expand your client base as this is an important aspect of the body to body massage.

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