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Prostate Massage

Prostate massage is something that is popular at tantric pleasure and this is something that can be offered as an incall or outcall service. All the girls working at tantric pleasure are highly qualified masseuses and are experienced with prostate massage.

This form of massage can not only be a very pleasurable experience for most guys but also does have some health benefits linked to milking the prostate gland and it is said that a regular prostate massage can also help to ward off things like prostate cancer

This really is an amazing experience and for those that have not tried a prostate massage by a skilled masseuse then this really is something that one should try – and what could be better than at the hands of our sexy and beautiful goddesses, who have that magic touch and offer a very personal and seductive service to clients.

Learning the art of prostate massage can also be great to help with relationships and if this is something that you can teach your partner then it can also lead a much healthier sex life for most guys. The prostate gland is located between the anus and the lingham and is the G-spot for guys and this will give a much deeper and powerful orgasm for men and we are told can be a very addictive for of therapy for a lot of guys.

For those that have not had the pleasure of a prostate massage before then it is something that might feel slightly strange and possibly uncomfortable on the first occasion but after you get used to it, then it really can be a much more pleasurable experience. It really is about feeling at ease and gaining trust with the masseuse which can help to enjoy the therapy and generally get the most out of the experience with any of the Tantric Pleasure girls

We understand that clients that have not tried this form of massage before maybe slightly apprehensive and nervous but our sexy masseuses will ensure that you feel very comfortable and relaxed and will help to guide you through the whole process.Of course hygeine is very important when having a prostate massage in London and so we always make sure that proper care is taken in this department also.

If you would like to book a very sensual and erotic prostate massage London with one of sexy goddesses for either and incall or outcall then please either call us today on 07940 281 544 or alternatively you can email us on or you can send us an online form with your booking request or query. We do really put a lot of emphasis on good customer service and you will always find that the quality of service you get with us at Tantric Pleasure is always second to none!

Benefits of Prostate Massage


  • Sexual Pleasure

This form of massage really can help with achieving much more pleasure and stronger orgasms

  • Prostate Health

A regular massage of the prostate can also help to reduce the risk of prostatis, prostate cancer etc.

  • Promotes Good Sleep

Most of our clients will say that after a good Prostate massage session that it really can also work wonders for a relaxed sleep!

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