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Welcome to Tantric Massage London

If you would like to discover a whole new depth to your sexuality and understand how it influences your health and longevity;

If you would like to overcome sexual problems and complexes and become a considerate and attentive lover for your partner;

If you are seeking to enjoy and share the immense bliss that is available to you in every moment;

Welcome to our temple of tantric love and healing!

Tantra is about sexual energy and will teach you a completely different way of dealing with this energy within you, which can otherwise seem a disturbing and uncontrollable power.

Tantra is also the most profound sensual, emotional and spiritual therapy. Tantric massage uses special techniques for heightening and prolonging sexual pleasure and is able to heal wounded sexuality, leading to increased power, vitality and longevity.

Our tantric studio is conveniently located in central London. We invite you through our tantric practice, under our purposeful tantric guidance and by surrendering to the touch of one or more of our goddesses—to enjoy the gift of being transported to a place where the exquisite embrace of divine intimacy moves you to higher realms of sensual awareness.

As you relax and open to this new experience, you will discover a burning fire in your centre that has always been there, waiting for you to ignite it. This fire is your sex, your life force, and the energy that empowers you on every level to create and realise the highest vision of what you desire in your life. Our full-body tantric massage offers you sublime benefits for your whole body, mind and spirit: all inspired by your own energy power Details of all the sessions we offer appear on this page but our special offering is the following:

Yoni Ritual Session

This session is specially created for you to enjoy warm feminine energy with your goddess(es). You will feel a greater connection between you and your goddess by giving them “yoni worship” (adoration of the vagina), and you will learn how to pleasure your real goddess in your love life. It is the very best of sensual erotic massage treatments!

Our Services

Tantric Massage

All our Godesses are very experienced in art of Tantric Massage.

Erotic Massage

For a top quality Erotic Massage then please look no further!

Nuru Massage

Fancy a Nuru Massage? this is one of our specialities!

Body to Body Massage

For an unforgettable body to body massage please drop us a line today!

Nuru Massage Services

For any clients that have not yet experienced the joys of an authentic Nuru massage service then please make sure you try this service with us!  This is quickly becoming one of the most popular massage services and is also one of the more intimate services that we provide. For this massage we use a special Nuru gel which translates in Japanese as ‘slippery’ and not only is it great to help the nuru experience but it also has the added benefit of being totally odourless and colourless and washes off extremely easily which is a bonus for some clients who don’t like to use the traditional massage oils!

To find out more please call us TODAY on 07940 281 544 or see our Nuru massage page for more information on what this service entails and the benefits of this therapy!